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Rehabilitation of the operating theater at Ambanja public hospital 

The works, which began in 2017, were completed in 2018. In addition to the rehabilitation of the building, equipment, surgical and anesthetic tools were also provided. The presence of trainees and volunteer medical staff from Europe also provided considerable support for the resumption of extensive surgical activity, both in quantity and in quality.

Construction of the PANDA clinic for pre and post natal visits and for the continuous training of health personnel.

Urbanization activity of the hospital complex
Septic tanks, incinerator, landscaping of the hospital gardens with collection and delivery to the competent bodies of unused material stored for decades in the green space of the hospital.
Management of the children's home in Ambanja and the student accommodation in Antananarivo
Ambanja’s children's home now houses 118 children aged 0–15. The structure offers school training, healthcare, and above all a serene and stimulating family atmosphere. In order to guarantee adequate school preparation, from the age of 15, children are proposed to settle in the capital where it is possible to provide adequate education which can then lead to entry to university. To date, the Tananarive house has around 45 guests, most of them girls.