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Profession: businessman and politician
Function: President

Sirtis est le président de l'association MIARO. Il est un entrepreneur prospère avec une forte propension à améliorer sa ville d'ambanja, ce qui l'a amené au fil des ans à assumer le rôle de maire. Pendant son mandat de 5 années, beaucoup d'inteventionsd'amélioration et modernisation de la ville ont été réalisés tels que le pavage de nombreuses rues, l'éclairage de la ville et la remise en état de nombreuses zones dégradées.

En 2016, il a quitté le poste de premier citoyen car il a été élu député national pour la distraction d'Ambanja.

Profession: Medical Doctor
Function: Auditor

Stefano, is the advisor of the association 

He is a preast and a surgeon with dual Malagasy Italian nationality.

He has lived in Madagascar for over 40 years and has founded and managed the Ambanja medical surgical center as well as the children's home, schools and many other activities for the most needy. Since retiring in 2016, he has dedicated himself to the continuous improvement of the public hospital, giving technical, medical and financial support.

Felicité MAZAVA 
Profession: Medical Doctor
Function: Treasurer

Felicité is the treasurer of the association.

As a dentist, he worked for several years at the San Damien center. From about 10 years ago she decided to devote herself to the home of the children of which she is the director. Tireless in assisting the little ones Always smiling and attentive to the needs of young and old is also the historical memory of the maison des enfants

Profession: Social Entrepreneur
Function: Treasurer
Lorna is the vice president of the association. Young social entrepreneur, full of enthusiasm, she is in charge of the Antananarivo reception house where the girls who want to continue their studies or find a job in the capital have a protected and welcoming place to stay. Responsible for the sewing project and other initiatives, she is always looking for ideas to guarantee a dignified future for young women entering the world of work.

Michel André ZARA  Profession: Technician; Function: Secretary;

Happiness MOHAMADY II  Profession: Consultant; Function: Advisor;

Myriam RASOANIRINA  Profession: Teacher; Function: Advisor;

ROSELYNE  Profession: Technician; Function: Advisor.